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There are estimated to be 42,325 diagnosed with young onset dementia. Dementia is 'young onset' when it affects people of working age, usually between 30 and 65 years old. Dementias that affect younger people can be rare and difficult to recognise. People can also be very reluctant to accept there is anything wrong when they are otherwise fit and well, and they may put off visiting their doctor.
Dementia is a life-changing condition to have at any age, but when you are young and believe you have a long and full life ahead of you, it is all the more difficult to take in. The period before and after diagnosis may be a very emotional time, as you adjust to living life with dementia.
Although younger people experience similar symptoms to older people with dementia, the impact on their lives is significantly different.
Younger people are more likely to still be working when they are diagnosed. Many will have significant financial commitments such as a mortgage. They often have children to care for and dependent parents too.
Their lives tend to be more active and they have hopes, dreams and ambitions to fulfill, up to and beyond their retirement.

It is important to know that you are not alone. We need to know what you consider would help you and your family to cope better with your diagnosis.

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We now run a support session every 3rd Monday of the month 7-9pm at various locations around the Bolton area, see our Facebook page for further information about this.




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