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1950's Project


Throughout 2013 Bolton Dementia Support has been working on a 1950s project which has been funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund. As people with dementia tend to lose their short term memory

but keep their long term memory, it has allowed our group members to take an active role in the project by reminiscing about their past. The project has involved the group producing a DVD based on what life was like in the 50s, including family life, the Coronation, getting married, pregnancy and giving birth, football and much more. The project has also involved two reminiscence trips for our group members, one to Salford Museum and one to Liverpool Museum, which they thoroughly enjoyed!


The power of music and dance was evident as one gentleman with dementia who usually sits impassively watching was encouraged to get onto the dance floor by his wife. Within a few seconds one foot developed a beat, then the other. He then developed a bounce to the beat and eventually his arm began to move to the music. His wife was delighted whilst the rest of us stood and watched in amazement and satisfaction.



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