Bolton Dementia Support


Our organisation and its work is based on the following values:

We are committed to our independence which enables us to challenge accepted policies and practice and to champion people in need. We believe that diversity of funding sources supports our continued independence.
Active Challenging of Discrimination
We work to enable those with least participation, the most silent of voices, to be involved and have access to what they need to live their lives without fear of discrimination. Our role is to actively challenge discrimination where this is seen to occur.
Equality of Opportunity & Valuing Diversity
We are committed to equality of opportunity. Appropriate sensitivity and the empowerment of people depends on the informed recognition of issues associated with age, gender, sexual orientation, race, language, culture, religion, economic status and disability. The population of England and the communities within it are diverse in composition. This diversity of people's culture, racial and faith community, and beliefs means that there is a wealth of experience and community tradition for us to call on in developing our services.
We are committed to high ethical standards, financial probity, openness, objectivity and accountability. We maintain an impartial non-political stance in all our work.
People should have the opportunity to participate in decisions affecting their lives and their environment. We seek to engage, enable and empower people with dementia and those who care for them.
Personal Service
We encourage individuals to give their time and their money in support of voluntary action through philanthropy and volunteering.
Quality & Innovation
We are committed to continual improvement, and the development of quality-assured services and the dissemination of 'Best Practice'. We are committed to innovation and flexibility of service provision.
We promote partnership and co-operation within the voluntary and community sector and share good practice in open forum.'tis better to light a candle than curse the darkness'

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